Through my business, Brown Barn Botanicals, I’ve had the opportunity to talk to hundreds of women about beauty and what their definition of beautiful is.

One overarching definition rises to the surface. Beauty, to most women I have spoken with, is best described as someone who is vibrantly healthy, with a glow that expresses inner health.

I think most of us would agree with that definition, but how is this healthy glow achieved? Many skincare companies would have us believe that a topical product (preferably the one they sell) will achieve this glow quickly. That if we pay enough, apply enough, and believe enough – we can be transformed with clear glowing skin.

Topical skincare products are only part of the equation. Vibrant, healthy, glowing skin that is sustained throughout life results from three key elements:

  1. Consistent Care – by following a daily ritual of self-care including topical application.
  2. Physical Health – by consuming food and drink that supports our topical applications and participating in movement to release toxins and increase blood flow.
  3. Lifestyle – by supporting skin care rituals and physical health with healthy lifestyle choices and making self-care a priority.

Sounds like common sense, right? Unfortunately for most of us like just is not so simple that we can make ourselves a priority. First, topical treatments can be prohibitively expensive. Healthy “skincare” recipes found in many self-help books promote ingredients that can be equally expensive or difficult to source. And life gets in the way – time, stress, pollution – it all takes a toll.

Beauty in Place

We need skin care treatments and practices that we can easily access and that are sustainable, in price and application.

We need quality, affordable, topical products that can be supplemented by Do-It-Yourself treatments we can easily produce in our own kitchen from ingredients sourced locally or even from our own garden.

We need recipes for foods and drinks that support the topical products we invest in. But these recipes need to be made from ingredients that are readily available. We should look first to our own gardens and local markets for easily accessible skin loving ingredientsthat are also sustainable to our environment and lifestyle.

We need to understand and apply lifestyle choices that support our skin health and inner “glow”. We need to consistently make our skin care and inner health a priority through easy to apply practices.

Interdependent upon each other, our outer beauty dances in delicate step with our inner health. From the shelter of our own home we can thrive and sustain natural beauty. From what we eat to our lifestyle to hobbies to what we apply to our skin, our health, lifestyle, and beauty are intertwined.

In this blog we explore ways to create a home environment and lifestyle that sustains beauty.